Harvest Day 2019

‘Harvest Day’ for us means a bustling Friday, when the harvest for the Bulkley Valley Farmers’ Market on Saturdays gets picked and we lay the groundwork for the Hazelton Farmers’ Market on Sundays.  On a drizzly mid-summer harvest day this season, we were happy to welcome photographer Aaron Whitfield to document the harvest as an initiative of the BC Farmers’ Market Trail.  As we near our last harvest days of the season, here’s a snapshot from the season that was, drizzle and all.

With gratitude to our farmhand Willow, and to Margot, Arthur and other wwoofers who stopped by and lent a hand this season.  All photos credit:  BC Farmers’ Market Trail and Aaron Whitfield.

Ocean Falls

When folks comment about this farm being in the middle of nowhere, I reply that it is, actually, the centre of the universe.  All relative I suppose.  A few weeks ago I broke its gravitational pull long enough to visit some friends on the mid-coast, and made a quick overnight jaunt out to Ocean Falls, which was, for decades, universe central for thousands of people – with a sense of permanence enough to erect a hulking concrete hotel in the middle of town, swimming pool, apartment blocks.  Now all but abandoned, the rainforest is slowly swallowing up the tumble down houses, cracked pavement, fire hydrants and all.  A good reminder on the impermanence of everything, including this farmland that we presentably tend and toil away on to keep it that one step away from reverting to wilderness.

10 Years

Today marks a decade at WoodGrain Farm (aka Moonlight Mountain Farm for the first couple years).  Here’s a quick look back 10 years to 2009, the first season on the farm.  That’s Wilfred on the tractor tilling our very first garden patch.  We continue to be forever grateful to good neighbours and a supportive community, and the lessons persistently learned from this patch of land.

Cedar tub

A fun January project, that turned into March.  Staves and floor are cedar from a local mill; benches, trim and lid are chainsaw milled cedar from the back forty.  Excellent fabrication job on the aluminum snorkel stove and bands by MWM Welding in Smithers.  Life on the farm just got that tiny bit better.