Certified Organic Lamb

pasture raised

Our Kispiox Valley Lambs are raised naturally on our Certified Organic pastures.

Simply mother’s milk and grass.  No grain or supplements.  No antibiotics or medications.

Lamb by-the-cut is available at the Hazelton and Bulkley Valley Farmers’ Markets as supplies last. 

Typical Market Cuts:

Leg of Lamb (bone in)

Rack of Lamb, Loin Chops

Shoulder Roast or Chops

Shank, Ribs, and Stew

Whole Lamb

ready in the fall

2021 Pricing: $7 per lb hang weight* + $115 per lamb processing fees

(includes $45 abattoir fee + $70 cut & wrap fee at CFIA inspected facilities)

*’hang weight’ includes the trim and bones, our lambs range 40-60lbs

Typical Cuts in a Whole Lamb:

2 Leg Roasts

2 Racks of Lamb

Loin Chops

1 Shoulder Roasts

Shoulder Chops

Shanks, Ribs, Stew

Soup Bones, Organs

Lambs come cut & wrapped frozen straight from the butcher.  A whole lamb requires two paper shopping bags’ worth of freezer space.

Spring or hogget?  Simply put, a spring lamb is born in the spring and lives one summer, whereas a hogget lamb lives two summers.

“Hogget is simply lamb with wanderlust and a decent education. It’s killed when it’s between twelve and eighteen months old, so it knows a thing or two about flavour. It doesn’t overwhelm like old mutton, yet still bleats with ovine delight.” 

Tom Parker Bowles, Let’s Eat Meat

Spring lamb is slightly more tender and mild, whereas hogget lamb is slightly richer and more flavourful.  Hogget typically has larger portion sizes than spring lamb.

Lambs are limited and ordered on a first come, first served basis.

Lamb available now! | Reserve your Whole Lamb for the fall: