Update from the farm!  Spring is off to a bit of a late start this year, but our greenhouses are already bursting with the promise of a full season of harvests to come.

Your foods in safe hands We’re going to be doing things a bit differently this year to ensure we get your fresh veggies to you safely. First off, we’re all just hanging around at the farm these days and taking social distancing to heart; it’s our responsibility to those we are growing food for. Our farmhand Willow and a second helper will be arriving shortly for the season, and will be isolating for 2 weeks before getting involved in the harvests and markets. We are not hosting wwoofers (farm volunteers) or other visitors to the farm at this time, and we are enhancing our sanitization procedures for our harvest tools and totes, packing shed, and market bins and van, and of course, frequently washing our hands!

Picked, Packed, & Ready to Go All our vegetables will be pre-packed on the farm. Sorry, we’re sad too that we won’t be building our big, colourful market displays for a while! The directive from the Province is that Farmers’ Markets should continue to operate as an essential service provider, albeit under modified conditions: as a food-only stock-up-and-go pickup point, that customers can quickly move through and re-stock while retaining social distancing. Gone for the time being is the browsing, the diversity of items, the entertainment and the social side of the market that we all love. However, most importantly there will still be access to fresh, local, healthy food.

Our weekly Farmers’ Pick We will be offering a weekly pre-packed Farmers’ Pick selection of our freshest in-season certified organic vegetables of the week. Need more veggies? Simply up the quantity to 2x or more, and when ordered in advance (see below) we’ll do our best to give you the widest selection of veggies we have going that week. We’ll also have a limited selection of add-on items, which will vary with the season.

Online Farmstand To further streamline your market trips, we have setup an Online Farmstand where you can pre-purchase your Farmers’ Pick and add-on items, which we highly encourage using as there will only be a limited supply available at the markets. Please place your orders by Thursday, and you can order multiple weeks at once to ensure your veggie supply. Visit our Online Farmstand at woodgrain.ca, where you’ll also find our selection of veggie seeds, stoneground flour, and pastured lamb available now, plus you can reserve your bulk storage vegetables and whole lamb for the fall.

Online Farmers’ Market Through funding from the ‘Buy BC’ program, our Farmers’ Markets are also going online to facilitate pre-ordering. We will have our weekly Farmers’ Pick and add-on items available to order there too, keep an eye on bvfm.ca and hazeltonfarmers.ca for the online marketplace to go live. It will be a great way to support our craft vendors and artisans who are excluded from the physical markets under current restrictions.

Contactless Payment This season we will be accepting payment by ‘tap’ contactless payment, or exact change only at the markets please. You can also purchase Farm Credits in advance, which can be used at both our Online Farmstand and at our market stall.

These restrictions on how our markets operate may yet change, but they will eventually be lifted and we will all have a new found sense of appreciation for the ‘normal’ way of things. In the meantime, we are keeping informed of the latest directives and advice coming from the province and health authorities, and will continue to adapt as need be to get food to you safely. We have the ability to grow a lot of fresh, healthy local food here, and everybody needs to eat, it is just that in between step of getting the food from us to you that we all have to remain adaptable for the time being.

Thank-you for your continued support of our farm, and we look forward to providing for you and your family through another farming season!


Jonathan & Jolene






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